2024 fashion trends ~ what the cool girls are wearing this spring! ☆༉

a collection of things that have been trending in my world recently! inspired by ‘@oldloserinbrooklyn’s’ tiktok sound of ~cool girls are wearing whatever the f**k they want~
+ let me know what styles you’re loving at the moment to feature in a part 2!

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what i’m wearing
white dress – princess polly |
fruit shirt – glitch cupids |
jeans – lewkin |

strawberry tee – xgirl/hysteric glamour collab (buyee)
apron – betty’s blue (buyee)
white maxi – yesstyle
mary janes – rola rola
skinny scarf – acubi club
glasses – jins x naruto collab

blank pins/badges – aliexpress
jeans – lewkin
plaid bag – yesstyle

plaid hat – aliexpress
jeans – lewkin
leopard top – thrifted
knit vest – korea
black mini skirt – cotton on
shoes – devil inspired
belt – thrifted
bag – yesstyle

sailor top – rola rola
plaid skirt – thrifted
black skirt – factorie
boots – koi footwear
hat – yesstyle
bag – yesstyle

fish print top – glitch cupids
midi skirt – thrifted
boots – thrifted
belt – yesstyle
bag – yesstyle

rock merch – thrifted
plaid skirt – esprit (depop)
cap – musina
mary janes – style nanda
bag – yesstyle

magic jersey – buyee
skirt – ugly shadow
mary janes – rola rola
stripe scarf – acubi club
bag – yesstyle

tulle skirt – yesstyle
cherry top – thrifted
stripe cardi – yesstyle
boots – thrifted
bag – yesstyle
belt – the iconic

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