Apple Music launches ‘Apple Music Partner Program’ for labels and distributors, including ‘premium’ data analytics tools

Apple Music is rolling out a new ‘premium’ data analytics toolkit for its record label and distributor partners.

The new ‘Apple Music Partner Program’ features various tools for Apple Music’s partners to track trends on its streaming service as well as global radio plays using Shazam technology.

According to the landing page for the platform, it offers “access [to] more tools to break the next talent, spot emerging trends, and uncover new insights about your content”.

Apple Music already runs another analytics platform in Apple Music For Artists, which was made available for every artist on Apple Music in August 2019.

Apple Music For Artists allows artists to monitor the volume of their streaming plays on Apple Music, all within a data set that updates daily.

Spotify launched its own Spotify For Artists app in 2017 (an evolution of the ‘Fan Insights’ tool it introduced two years earlier) to provide artists and their teams with information pertaining to their popularity on the service.

Like Spotify for Artists, the Apple Music For Artists service is available as both a desktop interface and a standalone mobile app.

The new Apple Music Partner Program is available via a combination of dashboards and APIs. A mobile app is not available for the platform at present.

It offers an “advanced” analytics dashboard, according to the landing page, as well as a “Premier Support” service that gives labels and distributors access to a dedicated Apple Music support team for tasks like setting up music APIs, updating an artist’s Apple Music profile, or uploading content.

Apple Music says on the program’s website that members will also “receive invites to exclusive virtual events”.

The Apple Music Partner Program also features a tool dubbed “Chart Explorer”, which provides access to over 4,500 Apple Music charts from more than 270 countries, regions, and cities covering 60 genres in near-real time.

Chart Explorer also includes Apple Music historical charts, so labels and distributors can track artists’ milestones.

Meanwhile, the Apple Music Partner Program ‘Radio Spins’ tool uses Shazam technology to monitor more than 40,000 radio stations from more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

Apple Music will also start publishing global radio charts publicly on Apple Music and These are available as of today (May 9) for Apple Music subscribers and users globally.

The ‘Real Time Listeners’ tool, meanwhile, monitors and reports real-time listener counts for artists and each of their songs.

The ‘Apple Music Atlas‘ tool provides detailed music information for more than 100 million recordings from over 35 million albums and more than 15 million artists.

Apple Music’s new Partner Program is available starting today (May 9) initially for a limited number of record labels and music distributors in the US distributing directly to Apple Music. Believe is a pilot partner on the new program.

“We have been testing this promising new toolkit for some time now and look forward to pursuing this collaboration to open the pathway to break more artists and increase their reach on Apple Music and beyond.”

Denis Ladegaillerie, Believe

The company’s Chief Executive Officer Denis Ladegaillerie, said: “We applaud Apple Music for continuing to build on its long history of developing innovative tools and services that drive growth for partners like us, while allowing for access across the industry.

“We have been testing this promising new toolkit for some time now and look forward to pursuing this collaboration to open the pathway to break more artists and increase their reach on Apple Music and beyond.”Music Business Worldwide

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