Best Modern Kitchen and Interior Design Trends 2022

Stay on top of the latest kitchen design trends straight from Milan! Caesarstone brings you the best kitchen design ideas straight from the infamous design capital – including everything from lighting and biophilic design to functionality and innovation in the kitchen.

Each year, one could get overwhelmed with the amount of new design ideas and trends entering the market. To help you debunk these fresh ideas, we’ve welcomed three of South Africa’s local design heavyweights to add their voice to the mix. Join Thuli Mahlangu, Adolf Conradie and Mnqobi Ngubelanga as they explain what they see for the kitchen of the future and how design is adapting to modern times and our needs.

Do your renovation homework and be inspired without even having to step outside the house!

This vide contains chapters:

00:00 Introduction
01:42 How is the kitchen changing?
02:12 It’s all about the lighting
02:35 Incorporating tones and textures
03:27 Functionality in the kitchen
04:19 A word on biophilic design
05:11 Final thoughts on the kitchen of the future

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