Caifanes Show at SummerStage in NY Canceled by Storm

A Caifanes concert at the Capital One City Parks Foundation SummerStage in New York City was abruptly cut short due to bad weather on Wednesday night (June 26). The evening was a unique occasion for fans, who were able to see two of Mexico’s most iconic rock acts, Café Tacvba and Caifanes, together on the same stage.



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See latest videos, charts and news

The storm began 30 minutes after Caifanes took the stage at 8:15 p.m. (local time), limiting them to only four songs despite the great anticipation of their fans at the sold-out show. The screen behind the stage displayed a weather warning: “Due to the inclement weather, guests are asked to safely follow instructions from our event staff.”

The unfortunate twist was reminiscent of last year’s incident, when Colombian rocker Juanes’ performance was disrupted not by the weather, but by excessive crowds.

Caifanes opened their brief set with the crowd favorite “La Negra Tomasa,” which was followed by “Para Que No Digas Que No Pienso En Ti.” Ironically the band ended with “Viento” (meaning “wind”) just as the weather turned fierce. In a memorable moment of the night, just before their performance was stopped, Emmanuel del Real, known as Meme from Café Tacvba, joined Caifanes onstage. He led “Viento” with his voice and guitar, creating a standout moment that fans got to enjoy before the premature conclusion of the event.

Both bands were nearing the end of a 20-date joint tour with upcoming performances scheduled in Toronto, Chicago and Indianapolis. Despite the setback in New York, the tour marks an important milestone, reuniting two Latin rock titans for fans across North America.

The SummerStage concert featuring these two giants of the Mexican rock scene remains a testament to their enduring appeal and the multi-generational fan base they continue to inspire, despite the unpredictable challenges posed by nature.

Below, watch the moment when the Caifanes concert was canceled.

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