Lizzo Reacts to ‘South Park’ Joke in Ozempic Episode

Lizzo is sharing her thoughts on the new South Park episode.

On Friday (May 24), the long-running animated comedy series released its latest special, titled “The End of Obesity,” through Paramount+. The episode takes aim at the Ozempic craze and uses the pop-rap star singer as an alternative to the popular weight loss drug.

The special begins with South Park character Eric Cartman visiting his doctor’s office in an effort to get Ozempic as a way to drop some weight. Since he can’t afford the pricey drug and his insurance won’t cover it, the physician offers him another solution.



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See latest videos, charts and news

“I’m going to write you a prescription for Lizzo,” the doctor says. “She’s a really good singer who talks about body positivity, and just being happy with the way you look. I want you to listen to Lizzo five times a day, and watch her videos just before bedtime. I’m afraid you’ll have to be on Lizzo for the rest of your life.”

Lizzo caught wind of the joke and reacted to it with a TikTok video of herself watching a portion of the South Park episode and giving her thoughts.

“That’s crazy. I just feel like, damn, I’m really that b—-,” she says. “I really showed the world how to love yourself and not give a f— to the point where these men in Colorado know who the f— I am and put it on their cartoon that’s been around for 25 years.”

Earlier this month, Lizzo gave an update on her mental health amid lawsuits against her and frustration over public criticism toward.

“I’m the happiest I’ve been in 10 months,” she wrote on Instagram. “The strange thing about depression is you don’t know you’re in it until you’re out of it. I’m definitely not all the way as carefree as I used to be.. But the dark cloud that followed me every day is finally clearing up. My smile reaches my eyes again and that’s a win. I thought my album was finished.. but I gotta get some of these good vibes off in a banger real quick. Thanks for your patience.”

The “Good as Hell” singer has been under scrutiny over the past year, as she’s been involved in a harassment lawsuit brought by three of her former dancers in August 2023. The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles by dancers Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noelle Rodriguez, accuses Lizzo and her Big Grrrl Big Touring Inc. of a wide range of legal wrongdoing and included dozens of pages of detailed allegations.

Lizzo denied the claims in a response shared to Twitter, calling them “false allegations” and “sensationalized stories.”

Watch Lizzo’s reaction to South Park on Instagram below.

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