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Harnessing the Frontier of Fashion and Technology: Louis Vuitton’s Latest NFT-Linked Varsity Jacket

The Intersection of Heritage and Innovation

In a striking blend of tradition and cutting-edge technology, Vogue has confirmed that Louis Vuitton continues its exploration into the digital realm with the launch of a new product that underscores the luxury brand’s dual commitment to heritage and innovation. This isn’t Louis Vuitton’s first venture into the world of NFTs, reflecting a growing trend where luxury brands are keenly adopting blockchain technology. The item in focus is a leather varsity jacket, a standout piece from the Autumn/Winter 2024 men’s runway, now available as both a high-fashion garment and a digital collectible NFT.

A Creative Touch by Pharrell Williams

Designed by Pharrell Williams, the newly appointed creative director of Louis Vuitton men’s, the jacket marries luxurious materials such as suede buckskin and iridescent snaps with an embroidered Louis Vuitton logo. Williams brings his unique flair to this piece, seamlessly marrying his vision with the brand’s classic aesthetic, making it a symbol of modern luxury fashion.

The Phygital Experience

Priced at €7,900, the jacket is an exclusive offering available to only 200 holders of Louis Vuitton’s Via NFTs. These NFTs grant ownership of both the physical jacket and a digital version, embodying the concept of ‘phygital’ items—where physical and digital realms converge. This innovative approach highlights Louis Vuitton’s pioneering strategy in integrating blockchain technology with luxury fashion.

Exclusivity and Market Dynamics

The Via project, initiated last year, is a testament to the brand’s strategic use of exclusivity and technology. By limiting the ownership and transferability of these NFTs, Louis Vuitton creates a highly curated and exclusive experience, appealing to a niche market of high-net-worth individuals. This approach not only maintains the brand’s luxurious allure but also shields it during periods of fluctuating cryptocurrency valuations and market interest.

Luxury NFTs: A Growing Mainstream Usecase

Louis Vuitton’s initiative is part of a broader trend where luxury brands explore the potential of NFTs to offer unique customer experiences and create new revenue streams. Beyond art, luxury NFTs are emerging as one of the main use cases for blockchain technology in retail, providing a new way for brands to engage with consumers and offer exclusivity in an increasingly digital world.


Louis Vuitton has released a new varsity jacket designed by Pharrell Williams, which doubles as a phygital collectible, linking the physical and digital worlds through NFT technology. Priced at €7,900 and limited to 200 pieces, this exclusive release reflects the brand’s pioneering approach to integrating high fashion with cutting-edge blockchain technology. As luxury NFTs become a mainstream use case, Louis Vuitton continues to lead the way in merging high fashion with high tech.


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