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HIND’S Corridor

Published and Generated by Macklemore

Movie by Macklemore
Subtitles by Charles Boonsu

Select Movie Footage by:
Omar – @omaronig
Habibi Property – @habibihousepodcast

The persons they won’t leave
What is threatening
about divesting and seeking peace?
The issue isn’t the protests
it is what they are protesting
Result in it goes versus
what our country is funding
Block the barricade until eventually Palestine is free
Block the barricade right until Palestine is no cost
When I was 7 I figured out a lesson
from Cube and Eazy E
What was it once more?
oh yea
fuck the police
Actors in badges
defending residence
And a method that was designed
by white supremacy
But the people today are in the streets
You can spend off meta
you simply cannot pay out off me
Politicians who provide by any usually means
AIPAC, CUFI and all the companies
You see we sell concern about the land of the absolutely free
But this technology below
is about to reduce the strings

You can ban tik Tok
take us out the algothim
But it’s too late
we have seen the fact we bare witness
We’ve witnessed the ruble the buildings
the mothers the small children
And all the adult men that you murdered
and then we see how they spin it

Who gets to the proper to protect
and who will get the correct of resistance
Has often been about dollars
and the color of your pigment
White supremacy is at last on blast
Screaming absolutely free Palestine
till they are residence at last

We see the lies in them
Saying it is anti-semetic
to be anti-zionist
I have seen jewish brothers and sisters out there and driving
In solidarity and screaming
absolutely free Palestine with em
Arranging, unlearning
and finally chopping ties with a
Point out
which is gotta depend on an apartheid system
To uphold an occupying violent
Historical past been repeating for the previous 75
The Nakba hardly ever finished,
the colonizer lied

If some kids in tents,
posted on the garden
occupying the quad
is seriously from the law
And a motive to simply call
in the police and their squad
where does genocide land
in your definition huh?
destroying every single school in Gaza and each and every mosque
pushing all people into rafah and dropping bombs
The blood is on your arms Biden,
we can see it all
And fuck no
I’m not voting for you in the slide

you simply cannot twist the reality
The individuals out in this article
never ever be defeated when Freedom’s on the
Still the audio industry’s tranquil
complicit in their system of silence

What happened to the artist
what do you obtained to say?
If I was on a label,
you could fall me today
And be great with it
result in the heart fed my site
I want a ceasefire
fuck a response from drake

What you inclined to danger?
What you keen to give?
What if you were Gaza?
what if these were your kids?
If the west was pretending that you didn’t exist
You’d want the environment to stand up
And the students ultimately did
Let us get it



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