Nail the quiet luxury trend with the new Spanx Carefree Crepe collection

With the arrival of April come the usual wardrobe revamps—the annual closet (and house) clean, the panic about what you’ll be wearing as the days grow warmer and your winter coat becomes more and more obsolete. If you’re in need of spring outfit ideas, you may want to check out Spanx’s Carefree Crepe collection, which will totally help you nail the quiet luxury, minimalist spring 2024 fashion trend.

We’ve talked about Spanx’s Casual Friday line before, which is designed to be worn to work, for travel, and beyond. The Carefree Crepe line is similarly versatile, with a variety of work-ready styles like a tailored vest, structured shorts, and more.

What’s in the Carefree Crepe collection?

The Carefree Crepe collection features a variety of items in lightweight crepe fabric, including a sleek vest top, to pair a matching pair of flowing trousers or pair of pleated shorts. The collection features tank tops and dresses too, including a reversible, midi-length crepe dress.

There are a few items from the collection, notably the vest, the pants, and the shorts, that have slightly pricier versions that feature a no-show lining for extra security. The pieces with the lining come in a pale off-white, and are priced at about $10 extra, so you’ll end up paying $168 for the pants, $138 for the vest, and $138 for the shorts.

Shop the Carefree Crepe collection

Top picks from the Carefree Crepe collection

Product image of Carefree Crepe Vest

Carefree Crepe Vest

The Carefree Crepe Vest comes in tan and cream, and boasts tortoiseshell buttons and elegant pocket flaps.

Product image of Carefree Crepe Short

Carefree Crepe Short

The Carefree Crepe Short comes in a wider array of colors than the vest, including a neutral tan, dark green, and orange.

Product image of Carefree Crepe Trousers

Carefree Crepe Trousers

These crepe pants are fantastic statement piece that feature an elastic waistband for added comfort.

Product image of Carefree Reversible Crepe Dress

Carefree Reversible Crepe Dress

The Carefree Reversible Crepe Dress has a flattering midi-length and a classic slip dress silhouette. Shop three different color options, including a reversible blue/light blue, black, and pink/dark pink.

Product image of Carefree Crepe Reversible Cami

Carefree Crepe Reversible Cami

This silky, reversible camisole is a wardrobe essential for warm spring days.

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