Pros And Cons Of Granting Trump Presidential Immunity

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The Supreme Court recently made it more difficult to prosecute Donald Trump in his election interference case, ruling 6-3 along ideological lines to grant him partial immunity from criminal charges. The Onion explores the pros and cons of bolstering Trump’s presidential power by making any “core” constitutional act while in office legal.

  • PRO: Can finally stop pretending we live in a democracy.
  • CON: Nothing we can print out of fear of retribution.
  • PRO: Saves a ton on prosecution costs.
  • CON: One more jaywalker.
  • PRO: Nice to finally have it in writing.
  • CON: Encourages him to put personal crimes on company card.
  • PRO: Country won’t last long enough for him to use it very often.
  • CON: Being president will probably get boring after the fourth or fifth time.

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