See who's at the door and more with the latest Pixel update

See who’s at the door and more with the latest Pixel update

See more from your door At A Glance.

What you need to know

Google has reportedly begun updating the popular At a Glance widget on its Pixel phones running Android 12.
The updated widget will be able to show a text notification along with a live thumbnail…

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The Pixel 6 isn’t a problem for everyone, according to our latest poll

Good phones with a mixed bag of experiences across users.

What you need to know

We asked our readers if they experienced recent problems with their Pixel 6.
Nearly 70% indicate that their Pixel 6 has worked fine prior to the January 2022 update.
The Januar…

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5 Hot Penny Stocks To Watch After Big News Today

5 hot penny stocks to watch after big news.

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