Stromae – Santé (Live From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

Stromae – Santé (Live From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC)
Hear to “La solassitude” here:
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Paul Van Haver (Stromae) : imaginative course
Coralie Barbier : creative path and trend structure
Luc Van Haver : creative route
Gaëlle Birenbaum : communication & project manager
Evence Guinet-Dannonay : executive assistant
Gaëlle Cools : content material & neighborhood supervisor
Roxane Hauzeur : textile solution supervisor
Diego Mitrugno : business office manager

Producer : Auguste Bas
Line Producer : Zélie Deletrain
Output coordinator : Lou Bardou-Jacquet
Production assistant : Hugo Dao
Manufacturing assistant : Adrien Bossa
Manufacturing assistant : Basile Jan

Director : Julien Soulier
1st assistant director : Mathieu Perez
2nd assistant director : Leila Gentet

Director of Images : Kaname Onoyama
1st assistant operator : Micaela albanese
2nd assistant operator : Florian Rey
DoP Mantee : Zhaopeng Zhong
Earning of : Adryen Barreyat

Head Gaffer : Sophie Delorme
Electrician : Sacha Brauman
Electrician: Tom Devianne
Lighting designer : Aurélien Dayot
Prelight electrician : Emmanuel Malherbe

Head Grip : Dioclès Desrieux
Ideal Boy grip : Eloi Perrin
Prelight Grip : Vladimir Duranovic

Locale supervisor : Léo Rodriguez
Site supervisor assistant : Grégoire Décatoire
Site supervisor assistant : Mathieu Barazer

Stylist : Sandra Gonzalez
Stylist assistant : Sarah Bernard

Make Up and Hair Artist : Camille Roche
Make up Artist : Carla Lange
Make Up and Hair Artist : Victoria Pinto

Seem Engineer : Lionel Capouillez
Backliner : Nicolas Fradet

Manufacturing Designer : Penelope Hemon

Choreographer : Marion Motin
Choreographer assistant : Jeanne Michel

Write-up production : Royal Write-up
Article-Manufacturing Director : Cindy Durand Paucsik
Editor : Marco Novoa
Editor assistant : Térence Nury
Grader : Vincent Amor
VFX Supervisor : Julien Laudicina
Graphic designer : Quentin Mesureux
Graphic designer : Lucas Ponçon
Film Lab Assistant : Hadrian Kalmbach

Florian Rossi
Manoli Avgoustinatos
Simon Schoovaerts
Yoshi Masuda

Juliana Casas
Lydie Alberto
Robinson Cassarino
Yohann Hebi daher
Chris Fargeot
Audrey Hurtis
Elodie Hilsum
Daya jones
Théophile Bensusan
Brandon Masele
Jean Michel Leading
Kevin Bago
Achraf Bouzefour
Pauline Journe
Caroline Bouquet
Manon Bouquet
Ashley Biscette
Jocelyn Laurent
Oumrata Konan
Kylian Toto
Enzo Lesne
Salomon Mpondo-Dicka
Sandrine Monar
Karl-Ruben Noel

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