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Posy arrangements, hot pinks and natural-looking bouquets are among the biggest floral trends for 2024.

Letterbox flower company Bloom & Wild has revealed what’s hot in the world of floral design and flower arranging, and the focus is all about bringing more joy into our living spaces with beautiful blooms.

‘Bold statement pieces and lively colours are reclaiming their spotlight in the realms of fashion, interiors, and floral arrangements, marking a dynamic shift in the aesthetic landscape,’ says Jo Reason, director of brand & range at Bloom & Wild. ‘Brace yourselves for a vibrant floral revolution as 2024 bids adieu to the serene luxury trends of 2023, welcoming back maximalism with open arms.’

Peach fuzz

Inspired by Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2024, Peach Fuzz, florists are forecasting a surge in peachy hues, with popular blooms like ranunculus, dahlias, garden roses and peonies being firm favourites.

‘Representing sincerity and genuineness, peachy tones add a poetic undertone to wedding celebrations and home decor alike,’ says Jo.


flower trends 2024flower trends 2024

Bloom & Wild

Maximalist blooms

Flowers have the ability to make us feel good, and 2024 is ‘the year to revel in the joy of florals’, says Jo.

And, with maximalism being a core decorating trend this year, the more colourful the better. ‘Whether your preference leans towards bold and bright or soft and earthy, this year’s floral trends offer a plethora of options,’ she says.

flower trends 2024flower trends 2024

Bloom & Wild

Hot pinks

Now it’s time to get colour specific. Pink blooms are on the horizon, but it has nothing to do with last year’s Barbiecore aesthetic. Bloom & Wild has seen a surge in popularity for pink bouquets, which are dethroning red flowers, even during Valentine’s Day.

‘Whether monochromatic or blended with other colours, hot pinks inject personality and energy into floral arrangements,’ says Jo.

flower trends 2024flower trends 2024

Bloom & Wild

Pretty posy arrangements

Arrange your favourite blooms and seasonal foliage in jam jars for the ultimate spring posy display. Display in a line along the breadth of the table and play with height and colour for visual interest. Tie with twine or finish with a hessian bow for a pretty tablescape.

‘People are increasingly opting to repurpose longer-lasting stems into posies or utilising flower presses to immortalise their favourite blooms,’ says florist Emma Forsey.

flower trends 2024flower trends 2024

Bloom & Wild

Natural-looking bouquets (fresh and dried stems)

Dried flowers might be long-lasting, but 2024 will see the return of the fresh flower, and more exciting bouquet arrangements combining both forms.

Jo explains: ‘One of the defining trends of 2024 is a resurgence of fresh flowers, ushering in a lively era of bursting buds and vibrant sprays that supersedes the dried aesthetic of recent years.

‘In a harmonious blend of nature, anticipate natural-looking bouquets intertwining dried stems with blooming roses, accompanied by feathery foliage such as pampas grass and eucalyptus. The result is an earthy tapestry that instills a sense of calm in any space.’

ceremony flowersceremony flowers

Kevin Vandenberghe – Getty Images

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