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Fito Paez He framed like few others what it means to feel and live love; The lyrics she wrote during the 80s and 90s are more alive than ever today in the 21st century. And that philosophy of life is what she instilled in her daughter. Daisy flowerwho at 20 years old confirmed their romance.

Letting her feelings flow in a very free and super deep way, the young actress decided to whitewash her romance with Balthazar Murillo. The 19-year-old boy who played Carlos Tevez In the series Apache, last night he appeared with his brand new girlfriend.

In commemoration of the 5 years of Sex, the play by José María Muscariwhere figures such as Juliet Ortega and Diego ramosis that the couple decided to make their first public outing and without imagining that they would be captured by photographers.

Happy, in love and with a smile from ear to ear that was drawn on the face of the daughter of Romina Ricci, they did not contain their emotion when showing all their love. Going through the first days of this relationship, she was widely accepted by her fans.


Not being used to being in the spotlight for this type of news, Margarita blushed and covertly covered her face. In addition to going through a fabulous sentimental present, she is doing very well at work.

At the edge of the world”, a work that is currently at the San Martín Cultural Theater, has Fito’s daughter as its main protagonist. At 20 years old, she fulfilled her dream of debuting as an actress and took a huge step in this beautiful profession that she chose.

Balthazar, who became very famous in the Tevez series and his role in the novel 1-5/18, took it much more naturally. Fully enjoying his love, we will have to see the moment when it is his turn to meet his famous in-laws.

Margarita Páez as bride
Margarita Páez as a couple
Margarita Páez in love
Margarita Páez and Balthazar Murillo together
Margarita Páez and her new famous boyfriend
Margarita Páez confirmed her courtship

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