Top Trending YouTube Topics (June 2024)

YouTube is the second largest social media platform, with 2.70 billion monthly active users.

With the shift to short-form content, YouTube has experienced fierce competition from platforms like TikTok. But YouTube still dominates the long-form video market and is the go-to place for educational, entertainment, and business content.

Here are some of the top trending topics on YouTube right now:

No. Keyword % Search Growth
1 Blox Fruits 5,700%
2 Maizen 683%
3 MrBeast 273%
4 Gametoons 9,500%
5 ASMR Shorts 9,168%
6 Brawl Stars 257%
7 Chess YouTube 136%
8 LankyBox 700%
9 Phonk 8,700%
10 YouTube Affiliate Marketing 113%
11 TikTok Compilation 1,500%
12 Restream 196%
13 YouTube Shorts 6,700%
14 PBD Podcast 6,100%
15 LoFi Music 354%
16 VTubers 1,420%
17 YouTube Hashtags 421%
18 Ms. Rachel 9,800%
19 Mrwhosetheboss 433%
20 Try On Haul 335%
21 Youtube Join 170%
22 Gracie’s Corner 8,700%
23 Youtube Automation  308%
24 Video Captions 214%
25 Temu Haul 7,800%
26 Dark Feminine 744%
27 Like Nastya 400%
28 Deepfake AI 788%
29 Ugc Marketing 252%
30 Danny Go 1,150%
31 YouTube Dropshipping 205%
32 Faceless YouTube Channel 9,000%
33 Cocomelon Songs 150%

We’ve also highlighted some of the most notable YouTube trends listed below. We’ll explain why they are trending and the level type of viewership they generate.

1. YouTube Shorts

5-year search growth: 6,700%

Search growth status: Exploding

Description: YouTube Shorts is a short-form content platform that displays vertical videos 60 seconds in length or less. The shift to short-form content to compete with platforms like TikTok has caused big brands like YouTube to innovate. Shorts crossed 70 billion daily views in February 2024.

2. Try On Haul


5-year search growth: 335%

Search growth status: Exploding

Description: A Try On Haul is a video style where an influencer receives a “haul” of clothing from a brand to promote. In the video, the creator tries on the clothing and shares opinions about the brand. On YouTube, the creator places links to each clothing item in the video description so viewers can purchase an item they like.

3. Lofi Music


5-year search growth: 354%

Search growth status: Exploding

Description: Lofi music (low-fidelity music) is a subgenre of electronic music recorded with imperfections like background noise to aid with concentration and relaxation. Lofi music can increase focus while studying or performing deep concentration work tasks. Lofi Girl is the most subscribed Lofi music channel, with 14.2 million subscribers.

4. TikTok Compilation


5-year search growth: 1,500%

Search growth status: Regular

Description: A compilation is a longer montage video composed of two or more shorter videos mixed together. On YouTube, users can find TikTok compilations made up of dozens of popular TikTok clips. Viewers search these videos to find longer clips of funny videos, pranks, movie scenes, etc.

5. Blox Fruits


5-year search growth: 5,700%

Search growth status: Regular

Description: Blox Fruits is a Roblox game inspired by the anime series One Piece. It’s become popular on the YouTube platform as creators share game tutorials, progress, and other interesting clips to help viewers become better players. This popular game has reached over 14 billion visits since its 2019 launch.

6. VTubers


5-year search growth: 1,420%

Search growth status: Exploding

Description: VTubers (Virtual YouTubers) are content creators who use digital avatars while streaming to their audience. Instead of showing their face, they build their brand around the avatar. Gawr Gura, a top-earning VTuber, has earned over $1 million in Super Chat Revenue.

7. Faceless Youtube Channel


5-year search growth: 9,000%

Search growth status: Exploding

Description: A faceless YouTube channel is when the creator doesn’t show their face in the videos. Creators remain anonymous for privacy and to avoid public exposure. It’s also a way to put more focus on the content itself than the creator. 

8. Gracie’s Corner


5-year search growth: 8,700%

Search growth status: Regular

Description: Gracie’s Corner is an educational YouTube channel for kids. Each video uses catchy songs to teach children things like the alphabet, counting, etc. The channel has grown to over 3.7 million subscribers in only three years. 

9. LankyBox


5-year search growth: 700%

Search growth status: Regular

Description: LankyBox is a YouTube channel that features Justin Kroma and Adam McArthur. They produce animated videos, music videos, gaming content, and comedy skits. The channel has 37.8 million subscribers and over 42.9 billion views.

10. GameToons


5-year search growth: 9,500%

Search growth status: Exploding

Description: GameToons is a fast-growing YouTube channel that makes animated cartoon parodies of popular games. In only three years, the channel has grown to 11.4 million subscribers and over 4.1 billion views. 


This concludes our list of trending topics on YouTube.

You can see, many of these trends are long-term topics to pay attention to. We will continue to monitor YouTube platform trends and update this list regularly.

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