Wearable Fall Winter 2022 Fashion Trends To Shop Now |

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Wearable Fall Winter 2022 Fashion Trends To Shop Now |

WHAT ARE PEOPLE WEARING ? Street Style, window shopping

We are in a country Italy with a middle name moda and supreme clothes. fashion drops.

On channels like the unknown vlogs Not So Blonde vogue France, we saw what people are wearing in paris, now let’s see what people are wearing Italians and Italians, I suggest making an outfit challenge and an outfit battle and see the difference in streetstyle, street style and streetwear.

What Italians have outfit, street style outfits, what looks they prefer, what what everyone is wearing in everyday life streetwear clothes, what they dress up on weekends as they dress up.

what do you think is the biggest hype and what do you think how much is your outfit.
What is the trend today, and what trends, for street style, street style, street style outfits, street style looks.

So, let’s take a look at shopping, so let’s take a look at the Italy shop and do a shopping haul
This will be a window shopping
We begin our equipment challenge and equipment battle, window shopping.

Video from: BOLOGNA, Italy, Europe

00:00 SISLEY, Corso della Giovecca, 5, 44100 Ferrara FE, 0532207677,
02:58 Luisa Spagnoli Via Rizzoli, 5/A, 40125 Bologna BO , 051267083,
07:13 Max Mara, Via Dell’archiginnasio 4/L-M-N · BOLOGNA 051 235718,
09:42 Profumeria Raggi, Piazza Galvani, 1/b, 40124 Bologna BO, 051238112,
10:44 American Vintage Via Clavature, 7, 40124 Bologna BO., 0510420088,
13:44 Caffè Zanarini, Piazza Galvani, 1, 40124 Bologna BO, 0512750041,


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